Corporate outline / History

Tsubame Musen, Inc. (TBM) specializes in the manufacture of potentiometers, which we have focused upon since 1929.
Our products, particularly small and / or flat varieties of potentiometers are highly sought after by major companies from around the world.
Although most major Japanese companies have moved their plants overseas because of steep yen inflation, TBM built a new die factory in Japan, in order to strengthen our parts production abilities.
Our use of an automatic assembly process that both maintains the high quality of our “Made in Japan” products and reduces production costs, enable us to manufacture a premier quality product while passing significant savings along to our consumers.
At TBM, we continuously explore and test new products and manufacturing processes in order to maintain at the forefront in the field of potentiometer manufacturing. Our dynamic and forward-thinking approach, maintained for almost nine decades means just one thing to our customers: "Maximum Quality at Minimum Cost."

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