Corporate outline/ Greeting


Managing Director

Masao Imamura

  In our company, original development is aimed at by micro and reducing the thickness as a variable resistor special manufacturer of year of 72 of operation, many have the patent like the material development and the industrial method, etc. , and the development of applied product has achieved the result.
- Carbon film variable resistor In the rotation type, various of 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, and 17mm, the various slide types of, 8, 10, 15, 20, and30mm. Joysticks are various in 13, 26, and 40mm square.
- Applied product The thin slip rings are, and micro pan-tilt heads of the surveillance camera.

Please adopt it for a domestic and foreign famous enterprise by average about 300,000 pieces in monthly production.

The resistance elements of basic parts produce whole quantities in-house with ink.
Automatic machines produce the pressed parts belonging in-house.

A high-level model is assembled in-house, and low-end products are produced at the overseas factory (HCMC in Vietnam). It is possible to use it at ease because parts are the supplies from whole quantity Japan, and goods for the RoHS restriction.

Cherished Motto

    Principles are close to ourselves

   Way is near at hand. But we ask away.

   Things are with ease. But we seek in depth.

                       ( Mencius )


Managerial policy
1. It always makes an effort to the quality control as the first is the quality.
2. It makes an effort to the research and development not to be ashamed of the name of a variable resistor special manufacturer, and products with high technical level are produced.
3. The gratitude is not forgotten, all employee agreement cooperation is done, and it contributes to the society through work.
The system and the product management continuously improved through the activity of the quality management system.

Our company was selected as "One technology a company" of Gunma Prefecture through the technology of the ultra mini Joy Stick in fiscal year 2001.
Our company was selected as the above same award again through the technology of the thin type slipring in fiscal year 2008.
Our thin type slipring received the prize of encouragement of chairman of Kanto region Japan Institute of Invention in fiscal year 2012.

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